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Weddings in the Var

May 2006 issue featured a special articled devoted to Weddings in Provence (downloadable 'Weddings' supplement at foot of page).

As more and more UK nationals, and expatriates from all over the Northern hemisphere arrive and settle, more often than not to retire in this region of the South of France, so too do they bring their children, grandchildren and friends into the region. Naturally enough, now and again the subject of family weddings crop up, and more and more expatriate families are finding it a wonderful solution to hold them, and other family junkets, right here in Provence. The main attraction is the cost savings to be made, particularly on wine and champagne, the absolutely have-to-have at any wedding, plus also cost savings that can be made on accommodation, and, now with the advent of so many budget airlines flying into the region, on transport. The cost of any wedding, low or high, in the UK is likely to give the Father of the Bride severe fiscal hemorrhages.

Call it the "Four Weddings & a Funeral" syndrome, which reminded everyone what great fun weddings are, not just for the principal couple, but also for the wedding guests, many of whom troupe along (particularly now after that film) forever the romantic optimists, hoping they too are going to find their 'soul mate' and wind up in the Happy Ever After.

Weddings in the VarNow when a young couple put the question to their friends "Would you come out to the South of France, if we got married there?" The reply is nearly always a hysterically emphatic "Yes, and How!"

As one happy bride told VVV, "Our decision to hold the wedding in the Var was based partly on the fact my parents lived in the area, partly due to the glorious weather and heavily due to the financial sense it made. It meant that our wedding could be everything we wanted and more, without breaking the bank. Everyone treated the trip like a holiday which added to the party atmosphere and everyone who came said that it was one of the best weddings they had ever been too. Having the wedding in Provence proved to be the best decision we could have possibly made, it was a wonderful weekend that couldn't have been more perfect, we would do it again in a heartbeat!"

Click here to read the April 2007 Supplement, updated in November 2008 'WEDDINGS IN PROVENCE' (PDF file)

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