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Golf in the Var - the well kept secret!

Knowing the Var as I do, it is my long held belief that golfers in the UK and elsewhere have absolutely no idea of what treasures they are missing, in not trying out the golf courses of the Var.

The Var, that huge Departement west of Nice and East of Marseille (and their convenient airports) boasts incredibly beautiful countryside, heavily forested, with hundreds of wonderful wine domaines, and spans the Mediterranean coast line from St. Raphael to nearly Marseille, taking in St. Tropez on the way.

Golf in the VarThe Var boasts at least 17 places one can play golf – ranging from a couple of places where one can practice at 3 or 6 holes, to mainly splendid 14 hole courses, most by top line designers - the courses vary in difficulty, most of them are spectacular in their scenery, all of them offering a challenge, from great to pleasant, all of them offering wonderful views, great hospitality, good food within reach, plus good to great wine right a hand. What more could a golfer ask for?  And it could also partly explain why so many expatriates of all nationalities have settled in this region. Plus of course fantastic weather.You can depend on it.

Yet when one looks at the Golf Tours/ Holidays on offer to golfers, hardly any of them touch the Var. It has always baffled me. Why, Oh why, are they missing out?

What is more the Var offers a huge range of reasonably priced accommodation, Villa self catering rentals, and welcoming Chambres D’Hotes, plus loads of reasonably priced village restaurant.

Plus loads of budget airlines fly in to this region from all over the UK.  usually to either Nice, Marseille, but a couple also fly into that incredibly comfortable airport, at Toulon-Hyeres which is totally central for anything you want to do in the Var –

And now Hallelujah, CITYJET is flying in from London City Docklands, to TOULON-HYERES with the fantastic deal that one can load one’s golf bags for FREE. This makes Toulon-Hyeres Airport and its superb golfing hinterland a total Golfers Valhalla.

The April issue of VAR VILLAGE VOICE features the Golf in the Var article, and you can now download the special “GOLF IN THE VAR”supplement right here, with descriptions of 6 of the most important courses, plus a full listing, and news of special reductions for VVV subscribers, just click here to download

To download a list of Golf Clubs, click here

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