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The Var Village Voice - the monthly English language newsletter 

On your vacation in the Var, don’t for heaven’s sake miss out on all the wonderful events taking place, from Jazz Festivals to classical concerts, feasts and fetes, all over.

For a sample just have a look at the following download.

  • Download July Summer Festivals here

Marseille MP 2013
Marseille was Culture Capital 2013 and to celebrate that writer Juliet Young put together a splendid and incredible useful one off Special Feature Article – What to see in Marseille, what to do, where, Art Exhibitions, useful information on Hotels, restaurants and bars, as well as other quirky information all about the big event in the Bouches du Rhones.  Download your pdf supplement on Marseille here.

Expat Information
Expats all over the world are uniting to campaign to have the legislation repealed which robs them of their vote after 15 years living elsewhere. Now there is a new website where one can sign up and join the campaign. For more information on it, just download this article, (download Votes for Expats here) then link up to the website and sign up at:

If you are planning on moving to France, you may well find the following articles concerning Finance, health, and Marriage Contracts helpful. Download here:

  • Expat Health Guide France here
  • Expat Finance Guide France here
  • Expat Marriage/Partnership Guide here

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Regular features include the superbly witty wine articles by Ian Parkin on the vineyards of the Var region. Restaurant critiques are penned by the indefatigable eater-out and caustic critic "Trencherman".
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Events calendar
Var Village Voice calendarIf you want to know what's going on in the Var – subscribe to VAR VILLAGE VOICE.   Every month you'll find the Highlights of the Var Calendar, plus all the local village events, and activities of local clubs and associations. Last Summer the Calendar was huge. Var Village Voice - top of page
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Local information
Here you can find out when and where to visit local markets, including antique markets, as well as the location of golf courses in the Var region. There is also a handy feedback form for readers to tell us know about markets and golf courses.
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Weddings in the VarAs more and more UK nationals, and expatriates from all over the Northern hemisphere arrive and settle in the South of France, so too they bring their children, grandchildren and friends into the region.

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Var villa rentals
This popular feature of the Var Village website allows readers to promote their villas and for others to find the perfect place to stay.
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Here you can find out all about the local cricketing calendar and the activities of the Entrecasteaux Cricket Club.Var Village Voice - top of page

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Why not treat yourself to a subscription and look forward to the friendly plop of the VVV in your mailbox every month, together with all the up-to-date news of events in the region? And all for the price of a cafe-au-lait & croissant once a month - even less if you opt for the online version!
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Upcoming issues 2013
Great things are afoot with VVV for 2013. New readers subscribe all the time, and the VVV is expanding its horizons in numerous directions, including with our revamped, more reader-friendly website.Var Village Voice - top of page
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Jazz in the Var
January 2003 saw the start of the Var Village Voice "Jazz in the Vineyards" programme, a series of Jazz events organised in Var Vineyards, by editor Anita Rieu-Sicart, jazz fan of long standing, in collaboration with Ian Anderson, a jazz pianist of great talent who has settled in the Var region. Var Village Voice - top of page
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Golf courses of the Var region - the best kept Secret! Surprisingly and most incredibly, British Golfers in the main have yet to discover this golfers paradise.
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Advertise your real estate & villa rentals on the VVV website
The Var Village Voice website attracts tens of thousands of visitors every year and the figure rises year on year. Quite simply, it is the ideal place to reach potential holidaymakers and people seeking to move to the Var. Visitors to the site can browse listed properties on the villa rentals page and download the latest 'for sale' list. Enquire here. Var Village Voice - top of page


Useful links
Here you'll find a wealth of information for people visiting or living in the Var region. Everything from budget airlines and train routes to routeplanners and independent travel specialists.

Please inform the Var Village Voice of any services that you think should be added to this page.
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Anita Rieu-SicartHallo, I'm the Editor of the VAR VILLAGE VOICE.   The VVV has been going now for a number of years, providing the English speaking Var community of expatriate residents with information and connections.   I've been lucky enough to gather together some wonderful contributor /writers, together with great support from advertisers who want to penetrate the Var market.   Many of my advertisers have been with the VVV for years, and know it achieves results.  Believe me, the VVV has unique penetration of the Var, and reaches it's target audience on the button. Media analysts on the Cote D'Azur looking at English language publications in the region, opined that VAR VILLAGE VOICE was the best targeted, and gave its' advertisers the best results.   If you want more information about advertising with VVV, just ask by clicking here.For information about Local Services in the Var, click here

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